GPS units are easy to use navigation tools for those who are mostly on the move. Although they are an important part of any gear pack, know that they have some pros and cons. So, you need to know the pros and cons and use them accordingly.


With GPS units, you can find it easier to reach your destination. It’s easier to know your coordination using a GPS than with a map.

You can navigate more easily as the devices tell you the distance you need to travel to get to the location.

Aside from GPS navigation, these devices may feature an electronic compass, barometric altimeters, and time and date.

GPS lets you choose from a number of routes. With some units, you can also find weather radios and quality digital cameras.


GPS depends upon satellites and may not work in certain environments. Interference from foliage, deep canyons and caves may also cause interference.

Just like other electronic devices, these devices may stop working due to many reasons, such as dead batteries and system failure. Carrying extra batteries can help. Other than that you can do much.

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